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Member Conduct

All individuals working in the banking industry are required to act in a fair and honest manner. This is to help protect the interests of customers, colleagues and counterparties; and the wider interests of society. As a minimum, compliance with legislation, regulation and industry/employer codes and standards is required.

Membership of the Chartered Banker Institute brings with it additional responsibilities. All members (including Fellows, Members, Associates, Certificated Members and Students) are expected to act as role models to others working in the banking industry, leading by example and displaying high standards of professionalism and a commitment to ethical conduct and the public interest at all times. Members are also expected to conduct their affairs in a manner that upholds the name and reputation of the Chartered Banker Institute, and the banking profession more broadly.

How our members should behave

The Chartered Banker Code sets out the ethical and professional values, attitudes and behaviour expected of all professional bankers by the Chartered Banker Institute. We require each member to demonstrate their personal commitment to professionalism in banking by:

  1. Treating all customers, colleagues and counterparties with respect and acting with integrity;
  2. Developing and maintaining my professional knowledge and acting with due skill, care and diligence; considering the risks and implications of my actions and advice, and holding myself accountable for them and their impact;
  3. Being open and cooperative with the regulators; complying with all current regulatory and legal requirements;
  4. Paying due regard to the interests of customers and treating them fairly;
  5. Observing and demonstrating proper standards of market conduct at all times;
  6. Acting in an honest and trustworthy manner, being alert to and managing potential conflicts of interest; and
  7. Treating information with appropriate confidentiality and sensitivity.

What can you do if you consider a member is not abiding by the Code?

You should contact the Chartered Banker Institute and raise your concern:

  • In writing to: The Chief Executive, Drumsheugh House, 38b Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh EH3 7SW
  • Or by phone 0131 473 7777
  • Or by email Simon@charteredbanker.com

Please note that this Speak Out service provides guidance only and should not be used to make a disclosure about specific cases. If you are concerned about the behaviour of another member of the Institute, please select one of the above options to raise your concern.

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